Bungie Talks More About 'Destiny 2' Big Reveal, But Fans Are Turning To Hats For Some Clues About The Game's Classes


The gaming world is just a few days away from the much-awaited "Destiny 2" big reveal, which slated to take place next week. In the big livestream event, Bungie is expected to share more details about the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter game, "Destiny 2."

The Bellevue, Washington-based Game developer has already teased more on what the "Destiny" fans can expect upon the sequel's release this coming September. But before the September launch, Bungie is inviting everyone in the gaming world to watch and join the studio in some discussion about first full "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal, this coming May 18.

Reports said that "Destiny" fans will learn a lot about Bungie's new shooter game on May 18 and while the game developer isn't giving a much information, there doing their best to hype the sequel's September launch news as best they can.

Bungie's much-awaited gaming event may also involve several tech journalists, gaming streamers, and some big names in the gaming industry. The goal is simple, to build some buzz in the upcoming event.

Bungie is also expected to place special focus on gameplay in the upcoming livestream event. After attending the "Destiny 2" big reveal, Bungie will be shifting its attention and focusing to E3 next month. The developer will likely have a new Destiny 2 presentation to show off for the gaming crowd during the Sony PlayStation Media Showcase.

Fans will no longer need to wait the long six days to get the new details about the upcoming shooter game "Destiny 2." Because some have already turned into other sources of information to second-guess what Bungie might be revealed in the upcoming livestream event.

Some have already made some speculations that Hunter, Titan, and Warlock might return in the game as the main classes. Reports said that each of them might come with an animal symbol, the Hunter as a snake, the Warlock as the bird of prey, and the Titan as a lion, according to The Express.

Bungie's much-anticipated event has been scheduled for May 18 and it will give "Destiny" fans their first look at the upcoming first-person shooter game "Destiny 2." Additionally, livestream are also available on Twitch and YouTube channels.

In other gaming-related news, "Destiny 2" hats will go on sale at GameStop with interesting info about Bungie's sequel. The gaming retailer has launched a new range of Destiny 2 merchandise that reportedly contain some clues about the upcoming shooter game, according to PlayStation Universe.

The "Destiny 2" hats are slated for release this coming July 29. Reports said that the "Destiny 2" hats might hint something about the game's subclasses. These are the Hunter, Titan and Warlock Loaded hats, the three main classes of the new shooter game.

in addition to the clues about the sequel, there's also some reports that Bungie may ditch the Light Levels from the first game. "Destiny" fans can expect more details about this on the upcoming gameplay reveal on May 18.

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