Sony Sells 375,000 PlayStation VR Units In Q1 2017; Ex Studio Director Joins Sony [VIDEO]


A tracking firm recently revealed that Sony has sold 375,000 PlayStation VR units in the first quarter of 2017.They also estimate that it has overtaken the sales of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift combined.

Tracking Firm Reveals PlayStation VR Units Sold

Tracking firm SuperData has recently revealed that Sony has sold another 375,000 PS VR units in the first quarter of the year. Last Feb. 19, it was revealed that the PS VR had officially sold 915,000 units, which was revealed by the manufacturer. This also meant that it could have passed one million by the end of March or Q1, Games Industry reported.

The tracking firm is currently tracking the VR headset made by Sony to sell about 2.6 million in this year alone. Head of VR/AR Stephanie Llamas said that the game company did more press releases for their PS VR being about Vr, and not just about the games. They are now currently working with companies for commercial applications, even though this was not the obvious first choice, Dual Shockers reported.

Tracking Firm Reveals Lower Sales Of Other VR Headsets

SuperData also revealed the number of units sold of the other VR headsets in the market today. Despite the price cut of the Oculus Rift, it still could not outsell the HTC Vive in the first quarter. The Vive has sold 95,000 units, while the Rift has sold 64,000 units only.

Ex Studio Director Joins Sony PlayStation Team

In other PlayStation news, it was recently revealed that former Lionhead Studio Director Stuart Whyte has finally joined up with a PlayStation team, which was the Sony London Studio. He has now taken the role of the director of VR product development, and he will take the position soon. He said that he is excited to join the London team to lead them further on their journey to becoming the world's leading AAA, VR Team, Games Industry reported in another post.

Check out the PlayStation VR Trailer video below: 

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