‘Vanquish’ For PC Official Announced With New Trailer; Now With 4K Support [VIDEO]


SEGA has surprised their fans again with their latest announcement of 'Vanquish,' which will be coming to PC through Steam soon this month. They also revealed that the game will now have 4K support, and other new features.

"Vanquish" Finally Announced For PC

After the surprise release of "Bayonetta" for PC a few weeks earlier, SEGA has once again made fans ecstatic as underdog favorite "Vanquish" will now be coming to the PC through Steam too. They also revealed that it will be coming this coming May 25, which will be two weeks from now, according to its official Steam page.

"Vanquish" PC Details On Price, Editions, Special Offer

For interested buyers who preordered "Vanquish" on Steam and other retailers that were approved by SEGA, they will get the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. It will contain a five track soundtrack sampler, avatars of characters and enemies, exclusive wallpapers, and an art book, Dual Shockers reported.

For buyers who already have the "Bayonetta" PC version, they will automatically get a 25 percent discount off the $19.99 price tag when they preorder the video game. They are warned though that the Digital Deluxe Edition will be available until the game's release, and after that, it will go back to being a Standard Edition.

"Vanquish" PC Details On New Features

"Vanquish" was developed by Platinum Games, and it is a sci-fi action shooter that was previously exclusive to the Xbox 360. This time around on the PC platform, it will have new features for players to try out, Gematsu reported.

The video game will have a full Steam support system like Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Save, Trading Cards, and the Big Picture Mode. It will also have an unlocked resolution feature, which allowed players to play at 4K and beyond. It will also have unlocked framerates, which will push the limit of the players' PC rigs.

PC owners can also try out "Vanquish's" enhanced PC graphical options like anti-aliasing, anisotropic, filtering, post-processing effects, and more. It will also have full EFIGS, and Japanese support like voice overs, subtitles and more in any language combination.

Check out the "Vanquish" PC Announcement Trailer video below:

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