‘Bayonetta’ Videos Hinting On Third Sequel; New Update Hints On Another PlatinumGames PC Port [VIDEO]


PlatinumGames have released several suspicious "Bayonetta" videos recently on their YouTube channel, and it has made some fans frantic. They are now thinking that the game developers are hinting at something that will surprise them in the near future.

"Bayonetta" Videos Hints On Third Sequel

The short clips that PlatinumGames uploaded recently were from "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2" in their YouTube channel. The videos include the video game protagonist Bayonetta speaking the English language, which seemingly looked like teaching the fans on how to pronounce her phrases properly. The one thing that made it suspicious was that each of them was looped three times, a Reddit member posted on its official website.

The fans took this on as something to hope for since looping each clip three times was no mere coincidence. This gave them the idea that the game developers might be hinting on a third sequel for the franchise, or it could be something else. It could also mean that PlatinumGames might be porting "Bayonetta 2," the Wii U exclusive title, to the PC platform this time around, Polygon reported.

"Bayonetta" Update Teases Another Game PC Release

In other "Bayonetta" related news, the PC version of the remastered video game got a small update recently. This new update made fans excited again because it hinted something that could possibly be another game coming to the PC, Gamespot reported.

The latest 22KB update that was released recently added a small file to "Bayonetta's" Extras folder. Inside it is a new avatar that showed Sam Gideon, which is the main protagonist of the PlatinumGames game title called "Vanquish."

Several fans wanted to have "Vanquish" on PC, which was only released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which was launched in 2010. With the launch of "Bayonetta" on Steam, fans have now connected the dots that the update might be a hint that PlatinumGames will be releasing it on Steam soon.

Check out one of the suspicious clips of "Bayonetta" down below:

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