VR Tech Could Give Negative Impact Society For Being “Too Good:” ‘Pokemon Go’ CEO [VIDEO]

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The CEO of popular "Pokemon Go" developer believes that VR Tech could have a negative impact for everyone because it is "too good" for them. He offered his thoughts on the touchy subject at the Mixed Reality Summit in London because he was concerned for everyone's safety.

"Pokemon Go" CEO Concerned About VR Tech

The CEO of "Pokemon Go" developer Niantic Labs John Hanke recently gave his thoughts on the virtual reality technology in London. He thought that VR Tech could actually become a potential problem for society instead of become a game-changer that many believe it to be, Games Industry reported.

Hanke preferred to focus more on the benefits being offered by augmented reality, which "Pokemon Go" offers. This AR mobile game has already conquered most of the fans and the gamers all over the world.

The "Pokemon Go" CEO believes that VR tech is too good for everyone, which will make them spend a large amount of time in it. He said that he is already concerned about his kids playing too much "Minecraft," which is a good game in his opinion.

Human Beings Are Happier When They Go Outside

Hanke explained that there is a lot of research out there that said human beings are actually a lot happier when they get exercise, and when they go outside in nature. He explained that it will become a problem for everyone if they forgot that and spend all of their time in a Ready Player One-style VR universe, GameSpot reported.

"Pokemon Go" And AR Tech Has Huge Amount Of Potential

Hanke said that augmented reality, which is the core of their "Pokemon Go" mobile game, has a huge amount of potential. It could make things that will result in a positive impact on humanity. Niantic once said that one of the goals for their mobile AR game is to help make the world a better place.

Niantic's popular "Pokemon" AR game, and all of the others can encourage people to be more active than they would normally be, said Hanke. He also revealed that part of his motivation for creating their game was to try and get his kids out of the house, which could do a lot of good for them.

"Pokemon Go" Has 65 Million Active Players

Hanke also revealed at the recent London Games Festival that "Pokemon Go" has 65 million monthly active players, which is now nine months after its first launch. This is still a large number, and it also explains why the game is still remaining as one of the top 10 grossing apps in a lot of regions, Forbes reported.

Check out the official "Pokemon Go" Expanded World video below:

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