Primal Diet Takes Over Paleo By Bringing Dairy, Grains Back In Meals, Healthy Recipes [VIDEO]


Primal Diet is taking over healthy eaters and sass-savvy diet Nazis. This new principle has been around for some time already but only get the attention now when Kristin Canty learned that her son is allergic to the world. Dust, trees, grasses and the likes make her baby sneeze terribly and worse, get into deep pain.

Her mother instinct led her to a link showing data that raw milk proteins are good allergy relief. She then ditched all prescribed drugs and only allowed her beloved son to take in farm-fresh beverage and diet. Barely a week, the allergy sank and his son has grown into a healthy college student now who still drinks his raw milk.

This inspired Canty to make the most of Primal Diet. The primal diet philosophy is about eating what the ancestors ate hundred years ago. It is like gathering the food first-hand straight from the source but not literally growing them for consumption, Well And Good reported.

Although this is quite similar to the concept of Paleo Diet, Primal Diet focuses more on provenance, the source. Both dietary principles embrace no-processed-foods; exclusive consumption of grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish and hefty in-take of healthy oils.

Interestingly, Primal Diet allows dairy and grains for meals and healthy recipes ingredients that are a big no-no for Paleo. However, grains are only allowed if they are soaked or sprouted for gain greater nutrient density which goes also for nuts.

Dairy's inclusion in the primal circle is the most controversial part of the diet. However, it emphasized that consumption of such come down to personal preference. So, see to it that the source of this raw milk or any dairy is credible and high-quality.

According to Nutritious Life founder Keri Glassman, RD, she approved of primal diet because it involves high-quality proteins, whole food, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. The said diet is best for people who seek out food without artificial ingredients and for those with allergies.


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