Be Business-Minded: Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Ask For Customer Reviews [VIDEO]


The most important aspect of a business is not its products or services but its customers. Without them, companies would not have any profit to run operations with in the first place.

In today's modern world, it's easier for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses through social media. There's a risk to this, though, since it's also easier for companies to gain backlash especially when a customer experiences bad service or unintentionally receives a product with defect.

According to legendary investor Warren Buffett, to succeed in business, entrepreneurs should treat their customers right. This not only means providing them with a good product and service but they should "delight their customer," adding that this will lead people to come back and support their business.

One of the most important ways to let customers know that they are valued is to have a way for them to voice their opinions and issues easily. Inc. shared four reasons why business owners should include a review or comments section on their websites.

Other customers use it to judge a business

Majority of Americans rely on online ratings and reviews when they want to buy something for the first time, as per research conducted by the Pew Research Center. A lot of customers felt that reviews helped them a lot in making them confident about their purchases.

It boosts SEO for one's website

Reviews and comments can help a business improve its search engine rankings. It was noted that search engines look favorably on sites that have unique content that changes frequently. A steady input of reviews, even the not-so-good ones, provides a flow of updated content for one's business website.

It can help improve one's business

Reviews, whether good or bad, can be used by businesses to continue improving their products and services. These can provide insight on what's working for the business and what's not.

It provides a second chance after a disaster

Acknowledging a PR disaster that happened with one customer who posted a bad review and getting it right the second time around can show customers that the business cares about them. Sometimes, just interacting with customers and knowing that their opinions are heard is enough to get their satisfaction.

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