Top 3 Career Lessons From Legendary Investor Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett has become quite a legend for his skills in investing. The 86-year-old entrepreneur recently invested $1 billion in Apple and, according to CNBC, has made about $2 million for every day of his life. He is ranked 7th on the billionaires' list, joining the ranks of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft boss Bill Gates.

Entrepreneur was able to collate the top 3 tips from Warren Buffett to succeed in business. The legendary investor gave these tips to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Tap on the potential of women.

Buffett noted that, for much of America's history, women were not offered the same opportunities as men. This, in return, resulted to their limited achievements which affected the whole nation.

"It was like somebody playing with one hand tied behind their back," he said. The 86-year-old also emphasized that it is important for leadership to have diverse perspectives.

2. Treat your customers right.

The most important piece of advice that Buffett gave for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs was to delight their customers. "If there's one thing to remember: Delight your customer," Buffett admitted. "If you've been treated well and honestly, if you've been delighted by the person you're doing business with, you're going to return to that person."

He also advised employers to treat employees well. Delight them and make them feel the same way as your customers. This is important because they are your connection to the customer.

3. Thrive in what you do.

Enjoy what you do. Buffett, even in his ripe age, still enjoys going to work every day because he is able to do what he loves with the people he loves. "I just tell them, find your passion, find the job that you would hold if you didn't need to have a job, so that every day is fun," Buffett said about his advice for college students. "Because if you're having as much fun as I'm having at 85, and I hope you do, there's nothing like it."

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