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Fake News Solution: Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales Has Remedy For the Spread of Fake News [VIDEO]


Today is a time when it is really a battle to figure out the truth about what is really going on in the world. It becomes harder to point out which version of reality everyone is supposed to believe in. That is why Jimmy Wales has found a way to fix what is broken in responsible news and has been spreading online.

Jimmy Wales, together with Larry Sanger and others, founded Wikipedia which currently dominates the online world when it comes to information. In his fundraising video for his latest newsgathering venture, he said that they have a way to fix the issue on fake news on the internet and that is with the help of Wikitribune, The Guardian reported.

The said site is going to be a "news platform that will bring journalists and a community of volunteers together" in order to make sure that people will be able to read articles online that are purely based on facts and have a significant impact on both local and global events. There will be volunteers who will provide the information as well as donate money to the site.

According to Mashable, Wales's WikiTribune will have its emphasis on niche interests. He explained that what is going to happen is that people will be the ones who will tell them what to cover, and for every 500 subscribers for $15 for a month, they will be able to hire a journalist.

WikiTribune aims to hire 10 professional journalists, and the community around the website will be the one to edit and help validate and verify stories that they would like to see being reported. The website is now current live for those who wish to check and subscribe.

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