Questions That Parents Should Ask Before Their Kids Apply For College [Video]


Several American students have received their college acceptance or rejection letters. This will determine where they will be spending the next four years as they achieve their academic goals.

There is a lot of pressure that entails college applications. Many documents need to be prepared and sent, making the whole process stressful for both students and parents.

In a commentary on CNBC, senior columnist Jake Novak shared the questions that he asked colleges to show what they can contribute to his daughter's higher education. The questions leaned toward the campus environment and how it can help with the students' growth.

How does the college admissions process improve the nation's intellectual pursuits?

School rankings have soared to popularity as being the standard for a school's quality. While it may seem unfair, especially since prestigious schools definitely have an unfair advantage, it is still important since it can indicate the quality of education at a particular school. But, more important is the fact that these higher education institutions should continue to focus on the quality of learning that they can provide their students.

How important is intellectual diversity in the campus?

Diversity plays a vital role in creating a holistic learning environment. Universities and colleges are on the right track as they cultivate a diverse collegial atmosphere. These institutions must continue bringing education for all.

How fair is the tuition price?

The reason why college graduates have been burdened with heavy student loan debt is because schools know that federally-backed student loans have no caps. This should not mean, though, that these institutions should increase prices because they can. Parents and students need to know that these schools are being responsible about its costs.

Will students who were unable to meet the course requirements fail?

Novak noted that letting students fail if they are unable to pass a course should be something that occurs in universities and colleges - instead of just letting them slide easy. Safe spaces are also another issue that has caused debate since it provides a way for students to back away from ideas opposite to theirs.

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