Ivy League: Here’s What It Takes To Get Into These Elite Schools [Video]


Getting accepted to someone's dream school is difficult enough, let alone being accepted into an Ivy League school. Ivies are known for having very low acceptance rates.

According to the data in Ivy Coach, Brown University, Columbia University and Harvard University have the lowest acceptance rates, because not even 10 percent of their total number of applicants get accepted.

For students who made it possible to get into these prestigious schools, it is pretty much a huge achievement. And as to how they made it happen, here are some tricks according to USA Today College.

Get high grades and test scores

Students who aspire to be in Ivy must have outstanding grades and test scores because these two are one of the biggest considerations. It will also help a lot if students will be taking rigorous courses while they are still in high school.

Pursuing one's own passion

Ivy League schools are looking for students who are passionate about something, and it does not really matter whether they are doing sports, athletics, academic clubs and so on. What the schools are looking for are the skills that these students have developed and how they can bring in their qualities to the campus.

Be a good person

It might be hard to believe, but simply being a nice person can land someone a spot in the Ivy League. Why? That is because these institutions would want people or alumni many years from now who will be able to give back, and these are the people they want to admit.

Write a good essay

Essay is another venue for when students can express themselves and explain who they are, apart from the interview. And the best way to write an essay is by writing about something that is not found anywhere in the application.

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