'Dark Souls 3' Publisher Ends Rumors But Will Reveal Something Big This Week, Petition For Dark Souls Remaster Spotted [VIDEO]


Bandai Namco, the publisher of the popular "Dark Souls 3" game, has finally ended the rumors and speculations about the much-talked teaser trailer that buzzed the gaming world recently. Ahead of the scheduled reveal date, which set on April 20, Bandai Namco has finally revealed to the world Code Vein, a vampire role-playing game. Bandai Namco made the big reveal this week.

The newly revealed Code Vein has been described as a "dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG" in the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu). The game is now on development at Shift, the studio behind the God Eater series, the GameSpot reported.

The new RPG Code Vein is said to be set on a post-apocalyptic near future, where players can assume the role of super-powered vampires called the Revenant. These super-powered vampires, who said to have lost most of their memories and now live as part of the called Vein, will need a regular blood intake in order to avoid in turning into something creepy, which the game publisher called a Lost, the website added.

One of the highlights of the new RPG is a Buddy system that will allow players to bring an AI-controlled companion to explore the game and engage in combat using a variety of swords and melee weapons. However, the full game is apparently still ways offs, the Japanese publication Famitsu reported

According to Famitsu, the new RPG is currently at only 35 percent complete and is likely to get a release date sometime in 2018. Code Vein will run on Unreal Engine 4, a game engine developed by Epic Games that features a high degree of portability and also used by many top game developers today.

Additionally, the Japanese gaming publisher has also pointed out that the newly revealed RPG is a Japanese release aiming for a worldwide launch. The Code Vein will be officially announced on April 20, followed by a gameplay trailer in May.

The Dark Souls publisher is expected to release more details about the new RPG project Code Vein this coming April 20. However, Bandai Namco has not made any confirmation about supported gaming platforms.

In other gaming-related news, Bandai Namco this week has been hit by a petition for the Remaster version of the company's critically acclaimed Dark Souls game. The petition was a Dark Souls fan named Robbie Penniston-Moore. Moore started this Dark Souls Remaster petition with a single signature and now has 3,340 supporters backing it.

The petition about Dark Souls Remaster version has already reached the social media world, and now starting to gain buzz and support from several Dark Souls Facebook Communities. For more about the petition for Dark Souls Remaster version, check out the Dark Souls Remaster site at

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