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Full Time Community College Have A Better Chance Of Earning Degree [Video]


When students start college but are unable to finish their degree, it is not just the extra income which they could have earned with their degree that they are actually losing. They lost money spent for studying instead of working and they have lost time. However, according to a new report, completing at least one semester of community college full-time will be enough to give them a better chance of graduating from college.

According to "Even One Semester: Full-Time Enrollment and Student Success" by the Center for Community College Student Engagement, about one-third of the students who got enrolled full time for at least a few semesters during their community college years will earn them an associate degree or a certificate, Cleveland.com reported. This is a lot better compared to the 23 percent who only enrolled part time.

Full time enrollment during the first term is also said to lead the increase of graduation rate of students who were tracked from 2005 to 2013, according to Inside Higher Ed. Evelyn Waiwaiole, the center's executive director, said in a written statement, that it is because there are really obvious reasons and benefits that students get when they are enrolled full time in college. They are the ones who spend more time in campus and the ones who can easily get access to support services.

This is why the part-timers should not be forgotten and should be equal opportunities. The researchers have warned against the neglecting of the students who only can afford part time due to the demands of their family and work. They said that if there are only ways to make it possible for working students to take more courses, it will be much better, like tweaking their schedules or making other adjustments. The important thing is that college does not have to take too long before getting finished; otherwise, students will only be less likely to graduate.

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