‘Persona 5’ Accolades Trailer Shows Off High Scores From Different Critics [VIDEO]

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After a successful launch of "Persona 5" by Atlus, they have recently released a new accolades trailer to celebrate. It showcases all of the high scores they garnered from different game critics.

New "Persona 5" Accolades Trailer Filled With High Scores

The "Persona 5" accolades trailer, which can be viewed down below, is one minute and 42 seconds long. It contained several gameplay and cinematic footages on certain parts of the video game, but without giving away a lot that might contain spoilers, Dual Shockers reported.

It also displayed most of the review scores and quotes from the reviewers that played the game, which were all high praises. The game publishers seemed to have chosen only a few review scores since this is one of this year's highest rated games.

"Persona 5" Fans Love The New Trailer

After the new accolades trailer of "Persona 5" was revealed, several fans of the game expressed their joy for it. One fan joked that he was expecting a lot of blocked footage screen since it was announced in the past that most of the time the share button will be disabled on the PlayStation 4. The video game deserved its praise, and it is a fantastic game to play, a NeoGAF member posted on its official forums.

"Persona 5" Mementos Dungeon Best Way To Grind

One of the best ways to grind experience in "Persona 5" is through the Mementos dungeon since the Palaces in the main story disappear after solving it. This dungeon-crawling area has a similar design to "Persona 3's" Tartarus dungeon, Siliconera reported.

Each section of Mementos is made up of several floors, which contains mostly of normal floors teeming with Shadows, and a few of them classified as break rooms for saving and the floor before players can move to another area.

In these floors, players can grind for experience from several Shadows patrolling the area. This is also the best place to find treasure chests that contain great loot, and miscellaneous items to sell for cash. It is advised that players should change floors from time to time until they run out of magic points or low on health so that they can rake in a lot of cash and experience afterwards.

Check out the "Persona 5" Accolades Trailer video below:

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