Dealing With Student Debt: Helpful Apps for Managing Student Loans [Video]


For some college students who just earned their degree, the future does not look as bright, and that is because of the thought of the student loan that they will have to be carrying during their career. And that is something they have to start facing as soon as they land a job.

According to Student Loan Hero, a total amount of $1.4 trillion is owed by Americans in student loan debt and that is distributed among 44 million borrowers. It is definitely a very huge amount of money and it could feel overwhelming, but graduates will still have to face it sooner or later.

In order to help those who need to manage their debt this year, here are some helpful apps that could come in handy, according to USA Today College.

The Student Loan Hero Dashboard

Aside from valuable articles, Student Loan Hero also offer tools and apps to help people manage their loans. This is something that can be done by simply signing up for an account and setting up Student Loan Hero Dashboard. What it does is that it helps in tracking progress of all student loans, consolidate federal student loans easily, and many others.

ChangEd App (IOS app)

ChangEd app helps by identifying small amounts and deposits them in an FDIC-insured bank account, and every time the $100 mark is hit, it automatically sends an extra $100 student loan payment to the servicer.

Unbury.Me does not require a login but users can sign up for a login to gain access to tracking of their ongoing debt repayment.

Debt Payoff Assistant (IOS MOBILE APP)

This is a free app for IOS users which also works similar to It helps in planning debt repayment and tracking progress.

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