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Snapchat Continues Reigns Supreme Among Students, Beating Facebook and Instagram [Video]


Snapchat started launching their story features way back in 2013. And it was not long after that when Facebook and Instagram had their own version or clones of their features. But a new surveys says that Snapchat is the most popular social media platform among high school and college students.

An online survey conducted by Success Communications Group on Thursday has revealed that of the 95 percent of students who have Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, 88 percent of them are using Snapchat more often than Facebook and Instagram, WCVB 5 reported. Only fewer students, in fact, only 66 percent are using Twitter.

New Jersey-based public relations firm, The Parsippany, also conducted the survey among 333 college and high school students and found that 78 percent are accessing the app every single day. Fifty percent of the surveyed students admit to using the social media app more than 11 times in a day.

SCG Public Relations EVP Michael Cherenson said that most students are spending a total of 11 hours per day in front of up to five different screens, which explains the reason why they are engrossed to more than just one platform. He also added that more than half of Snapchat users confessed that they feel disconnected from their friends if they do not use the app.

According to experts, the young adults are really the hardest to reach target by advertisers. A survey by Ampere Analysis also showed that the video users of Snapchat who are 24 years and below are 51 percent, 23 percent for Facebook and 17 percent for Youtube, Your Story reported.

For the students who have been using the app, most of them use it to keep in touch with friends and others to share videos and images.

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