‘Destiny 2’ Update: Bungie Launches Pre-Order Client Site; Grants ‘Destiny 2’ Beta Early Access [REPORT]


Bungie puts up official client site that will accept pre-orders of "Destiny 2." Early birds who will place their orders first will have the chance to get the exclusive "Destiny 2" beta early access. This opportunity is very popular among gamers, newcomers and professionals alike.

The cut the chase, "Destiny 2" pre-orders can be placed through Destiny The Game site. The site requires each client to accomplish four ordering steps. First, choose the kind of edition to purchase from Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition, Limited Edition, Game + Expansion Pass, Standard Edition to Expansion Pass.

The second step confirms "Destiny 2" PC version side by side PS4 and Xbox One. Next step will ask for the location of buyer. Then, clients will have to choose from which exclusive retailer service they prefer.

As seen on the "Destiny 2" client site, four major retailers have secured the right for exclusive "Destiny 2" deal. They are Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and PlayStation Store. And lastly, place the order to confirm then follow the usual deal closing process.

Back to "Destiny 2" PC, the said version is reportedly confirmed to go on sale on Steam Stores as soon as it gets released. This has posed a serious confusion since it has been previously announced that "Destiny" PC will come out in a new dedicated system under Activision, Express reported.

According to Gadget360, several credible sources in the supply chain have confirmed that "Destiny 2" for PC will use Steam. This news has been positively accepted by the majority of "Destiny" fans since they believed that another launcher is no longer necessary.

Meanwhile, Bungie and Activision have not released any confirmation regarding this report. Therefore, it is better to take it lightly until the official "Destiny 2" for PC announcement arrives.

On the other hand, "Destiny 2" price scheme has not been announced yet. However, it is predicted to have the same price tag as "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare."

Are you excited for "Destiny 2?"


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