AMD’s Purchase Of Nitero’s Wireless VR IP Hints Something Bigger At Radeon Vega Launch [REPORT]


Recently, AMD is able to acquire wireless virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) IPs from Nitero. Both companies have bases in Austin, Texas which presumably means that they have been in contact for some time now. Thus, there could be something big being planned and it might get a proper unveiling at AMD Radeon Vega launch.

The forthcoming AMD Radeon Vega launch will definitely gather flocks of tech and gaming aficionados. This, therefore, entails a massive production and interesting surprises that will imprint powerful impression regarding AMD's dedication for immersive gaming, DroidReport reported.

AMD's acquisition of Nitero's intellectual property relating to virtual reality technology is something tech insiders are more interested in. Aside from AMD Vega 10, its plan to take advantage of Nitero's phase-array beamforming millimeter wave 60GHz chip is worth pitching.

This VR capacity has put Nitero in the headlines and banners teasing a major remedy to impending troubles caused by wire connectors in VR game immersion. Thus, Nitero's broader IP presence on AMD's VR venture assures more positive result, MarketWired blogged.

With its technology, Nitero is able to help device-making companies build VR headsets which can connect to their devices wirelessly in the multi-gigabit throughput range. AMD's newly widened IP portfolio will surely add up hype on its GPU cards which are set to make their grand debut in the gaming world. More and more gamers now prefer graphic cards with VR capabilities.

According to Pat Kelly, Nitero's world-class engineering team has been focused on fixing the difficulties of building wireless VR technologies which are compatible with next-generation headsets. Kelly also joined AMD as a new corporate vice president. She ended her statement by saying that Nitero is excited to play a role in furthering AMD's long-term technology vision.

Are you excited to know what's in store for AMD Radeon Vega architecture launch? Will a Nitero-supported GPU debut?


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