Here’s Why It’s Cheaper To Pursue College Education Abroad [Video]


There's no doubt that studying abroad can give a student such an amazing experience, but there are plenty of things that will have to be considered, and one of them is the cost. Surprisingly, while many people think that it is more expensive to be studying abroad, it isn't actually always the case because there are certain countries that offer cheaper college education than the US.

One of the reasons why it is less costly to pursue higher education in other countries outside the US is because of the constantly rising cost of tuition in the country, according to Lifehacker. This is also the reason behind the increase in the number of students studying abroad as revealed by another report. The quality of education in the country is really excellent but it seems surprising how college can be more affordable even in other developed countries.

The cost of college in a private college in the US averages at $33,635 for the academic year 2016-2017, according to US News, while the average cost in public colleges is at $21,303 on an average.

Even if other schools abroad have similar ranges when it comes to tuition, the degree programs are actually shorter, which makes it even cheaper, just like in the UK. There are even some countries where college is practically free. One example is Germany, where the tuition in public universities is free. Same is true with Norway which offer free tuition in public institutions and even in their top colleges and universities including Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Oslo and the University of Bergen.

There are also countries outside of Europe which offer a great deal when it comes to higher education, especially the ones in Southeast Asia.

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