Character Counts: Build the Perfect Profile Colleges Are Looking For [Video]


Who says college application is easy? When colleges and universities look into their prospective students, they are looking beyond the applicants' test and GPA scores. They want to know more than just that, and that is why it is only imperative that students build a profile that can make them outstanding in their applications.

According to Big Future, what college admissions officers want to know are the things that students can bring in and contribute to the campus, and that means it is more than just the grades. There are certain qualities that schools are really looking for apart from their impressive academic records, including leadership skills, initiative, willingness to take risks, commitment to service and special talents or skills. In short, colleges and universities want to create a well-balanced community with a mix of intelligent and talented individuals.

As to how students can build the profile these schools want, here are some tips, according to SI News.

Students must get involved in the things that they love to do

When college admissions officers review the applicant's records, they look at the entire four years a student has spent in high school and that is why it is important for them to get involved in extra-curricular activities as early as possible.

They have to be realistic

Students need now to be overwhelmed with activities more than they can handle. They have to also be honest and realistic with the number of classes they can take on. It is better to choose a few ones which they love to do and stick with the ones that work for them best.

Focus on growth

It is important for someone at a young age to know what their goals are. They need to know what motivates them and what drives them to be at their best. Students who know what they want and the ones who push themselves to achieve their aspirations are the ones that are sought after by colleges.

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