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Betsy DeVos Promotes Importance of School Choice In Military Base [Video]


As the US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tries to find a place while avoiding protesters, she finally found a public school she could visit -the army base in the compound of FT. Bragg in North Carolina.

DeVos appeared at Kimberly Hampton Primary School to make her speech when it comes to the school she promotes as she urges parents to leave public schools and get their kids to study at private schools, Alternet reported. Kimberly Hampton Primary is a school operated by the Department of Defense which is funded by the government, and during her meeting here, one parent expressed that they are open to the chance of getting their children sent to a private school.

DeVos said during her speech that not all local high schools work for every single student, News Observer reported. She discussed a bill filed by the US Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina that will initiate a program to allow students on Department of Defense bases to use federal vouchers which parents can withdraw so they can send their children to private schools. The federal vouchers worth up to $8,000 a year for elementary school and $12,000 for high school.

DeVos also added that they are looking to support more policies like this one. In North Carolina, they also have a voucher program which is worth up to $4,200 a year for the students whose family income qualify for the guidelines.

DeVos visited the school on military base as her way of commemorating the Month of the Military Child, because children who come from military families are the ones who face a lot of challenges, considering that their parents are being deployed every now and then, which also compels them to transfer location every now and then.

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