Process for College Financial Aid: How to Prevent Issues When Applying for Aid [Video]


Getting to college these days is never really easy. Almost all students are desperately finding ways just to make college more affordable and bearable in the form of scholarships and financial aid. However, because of the shutdown of the IRS data retrieval tool, things are only becoming more and more difficult for the soon-to-be college students.

For high school seniors who are applying for college financial aid for this upcoming school year, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online processing is actually going to be more challenging, Consumer Reports reported. That is because the Department of Education had to shut down the tool that allows its users to automatically import tax information and help reduce errors due to data security issues. Now, what the applicants must do is to manually input their information online.

Before this even happened, the website has been having a lot of glitches already, according to NPR. The site would crash and will have to be relaunched. But for those who need help in making the process go smoothly, here are some tips to follow:

  •  Allot more time for the application. Applicants should allot plenty of time because the absence of the online tool will mean longer time to complete the FAFSA applications. Starting early will reduce the delay and the hassle
  •  Be accurate with submitted information. Applicants should take time to proofread their applications and make sure there are no typos. Otherwise, it might affect their financial aid eligibility.
  •  Time management. Time is very crucial in the whole applications process. The delays with te documentation could negatively impact someone's timely receipt of financial aid in college. Most of the colleges and universities award FAFSA on a first-come first-served basis.

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