‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ To Get Better Over Time With Upcoming Updates: BioWare [VIDEO]

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After hearing all of the backlash and the feedback from the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" fans and players, BioWare gave their word on their website that the game will be way better after they implement the latest update.

It also seems that they will be giving out more updates to the game to slowly turn it into the game the fans expected it to be in the first place.

BioWare Knows Of Negative Feedback From Players

BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn confirmed in a post that the game company has been looking into the comments and feedback from the fans and the newcomers to the "Mass Effect" franchise. They are trying to find what they like about "Mass Effect: Andromeda," and also what they can improve or evolve in the future, he posted on its official website.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" Gets New Patch Soon

The general manager also announced that the game company will be releasing a new patch for "Mass Effect: Andromeda" on April 6, which will amend several problems and introduce new improvements. These new additions will be some of the improvements that the fans wanted since launching the game. Patch 1.05 will fix problems like saves that did not work properly, problematic playback of music or voice-overs, issues with the main character stuck in a pose, and the famous zig-zag running animation bug, according to the official blog of BioWare.

The new update of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will also allow players to skip ahead when they are traveling between planets in the galaxy maps, which was one of the biggest issues the players complained about. Other changes implemented in the game are the increases in the inventory limits, human and asari eyes are better looking now, remnant decryption keys are now cheaper and more accessible, and better lip-sync and facial acting during conversations.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" Tie-In Comic Has Pulp Sci-Fi Design

In other news, the recent issues of the tie-in comic of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" has gotten the style of an old pulp sci-fi and adventure magazine. These four new issues have variant covers drawn by the artis Kate Niemczyk and colored by colorist Michael Atiyeh. The Main character of the comic is Tiran Kandros, who appears in the main game as the leader of the Nexus' civilian militia, Polygon reported.

Check out the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" Launch Trailer video below:

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