Nintendo NES Classic Edition Now Available In Amazon But Expensive [VIDEO]


After Nintendo NES Classic Edition's popularity in the gaming community and getting sold out, Amazon is proud to announce that they now the classic console on stock again on their official website. The only problem is that it has a very high price at the moment.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Restock But With A Heavy Price

Online retailer Amazon has revealed that the hardest video game console to find in stores, Nintendo NES Classic Edition, is now available on their website through a third party. The regular retail price of the classic console is supposed to be $60 only, but it is currently listed on the online retailer for $171.95. Third party retailer WorldWide Distributors is the current seller of this console, according to the official website of Amazon.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Supply Cannot Keep Up With Demand

Since the release of Nintendo NES Classic Edition to the gaming market last year, it has become a big hit among the gamers. Whenever there were new units manufactured by Nintendo and made available online, a lot of customers would purchase them all in just a few minutes, Fortune reported.

The problem was that the production of the classic console could not keep up with the high demand from the customers who love it. This issue has apparently created an opportunity for the small third-party retailers to take advantage of that by having higher prices for their consoles that they have in stock. However, the major retailers have kept the prices of the classic console at $60 if they get new units.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Fans Left With No Choice

With this problem, the fans are left with few options, which is to purchase the Nintendo NES Classic Edition with jacked-up prices. There are others fans who are willing to wait and they are hopeful that they can get one for $60 only.

Classic SNES Console Gets Brand-New Game

In other Nintendo related news, the SNES, which was launched 26 years ago, will be getting a brand-new game called "Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter." The game is a 3D fighter, which was created by ex SNK staff members. It will feature several modes like story, versus, survival, and practice, Siliconera reported.

Check out the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Features Trailer video below:

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