Nintendo Switch Emulator Scam Busted, Revealed, Experts Warn Of Harm [VIDEO]


A Nintendo Switch emulator scam was recently busted and revealed by security expert Symantec on their official blog. They revealed the scam as soon due to the increase of scammers attempting to forcefully endorse a fake emulator online.

Symantec Busts Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators

Symantec recently revealed a scam made by cyber-scammers that were targeting unaware and eager Switch fans with fake emulators. These fakes could cause them harm and they might even end up paying up more money than buying the real console, posted Symantec's Satnam Narang on their official blog.

What The Cyber-Scammers Use To Tempt Unaware Gamers

The security experts revealed this important news because they saw a big increase of these scams online. The cyber-scammers are taking advantage of the gamers who want to play the games of the exclusive console, but do not have enough money to buy it. It promises them that the Nintendo games could be played on their devices illegally by stealing the content from top titles.

How The Cyber-Scammers Reel In The Victim

After revealing several fake facts to the unaware victim, the cyber-scammers will ask them to use their download link only. They will bombard the victim with fake surveys, and sometimes ads and encourage them to complete it and enter personal details to complete the deal. They will promise an unlock code to the victim so that they can download the emulator for free, which is completely fake.

What Is Really Going On Behind The Scenes

While the victim is completing some questions and entering details in the survey, the scammer will use that time to install unwanted apps and files to the victim's device. This will either make the victims' computers get overloaded with unwanted apps or hack into their accounts and get more personal information like bank account numbers and others.

Nintendo Switch Buyer Gets Scammed On Amazon

In other related news, a fan of the Nintendo console franchise recently ordered a Nintendo Switch from Amazon Warehouse deals for $269.99. When the package arrived, the content inside it was not the latest console, but the classic Wii, posted the fan on the official forums of CheapAssGamer. 

The good news is that the item can still be sent back and refunded by the online retailer. This kind of problem has been happening since 2006, and there are still numerous scams and bogus listings Amazon, Polygon reported.

Check out the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial video below:

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