‘Hearthstone’ Duplicate, Drop Rate Issues Denied: Blizzard [VIDEO]


Several fans have complained recently of the duplicate and drop rate issues of "Hearthstone," but Blizzard denied the allegations right away on the official forums. Even with the confirmation from the game company, some fans still do not believe their statement.

"Hearthstone's" Un'goro Expansion Launch Plagued With Issues

Several fans have questioned Blizzard after the recent launch of "Hearthstone's" Un'goro expansion. Most of them discuss about the broken Rogue quest, and the fact that everyone thought that they have been getting bad legendary drop rates and too many duplicates from purchased packs, Forbes reported.

Blizzard Response For "Hearthstone" Duplicate and Drop Rate Issues

Blizzard has stepped in and began an investigation for "Hearthstone's" issues that many players have been complaining about. They said that they have seen a lot of posts from their community recently regarding the new expansion. They assured them that they have looked into the problem, but found out that the card distribution was working properly, both at a per card and per rarity basis, according to the official forums of the game company.

The game company thanked the fans that brought this problem to their attention. They appreciate all of the feedback, and they want them to continue to watch out for more bugs. Some fans are still convinced that there is really a problem and they need them to fix it immediately.

"Hearthstone" Exploit That Lets Players Skip Opponent Turn Revealed

In other "Hearthstone" related news, a fan has found a recent exploit that allowed him to skip his opponent's turns. He made a situation where in-game animations of the cards will lock out the other player out of their turn. As soon as the opponent's turn is over, the timer will begin, but all of the animations must finish first before the other player makes his move, IGN reported.

In the case of the fan, he used a combination of specific cards in "Heartstone," which are the Shadow Vision that made copies of its own, and Radiant Elemental that made this process free of mana. The result was a loop, which allowed him to spam cards until the animations stocked up until to a point that it denied the other player a turn.

Check out "Hearthstone's" Journey To Un'Goro Announcement video below:

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