‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85, 86 Preview Breakdown: Goku VS Android 17 Happening Ahead of Power Tournament [SPOILERS]


This week in "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival, there will be gathering of select Kaioshins from each universe before the Tournament of Power commences. The said meeting aims to settle the varying consensus of the counsel as members' opinions differ from each other where some appeals for the Omni King to reconsider his decision.

The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 85 preview clip shows Goku facing a much leaner Mr. Buu who undergone an extensive training. Buu will be sparring with Goku to test out his current powers. In addition, Gohan is also shown recruiting Piccolo, his former mentor, to join their team and enter the Tournament of Power with the rest of the Team 7, ComicBook reported.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 86 trailer has also been leaked through the Weekly Shonen Jump. According to DB-Z, Episode 86 ends the recruitment for Team Goku for Power Tournament and will eventually lead to the meeting of Goku and Android 17 for the first time. Whether the male android is joining the hero's camp or not, it is indicative that the two will have to engage in a fight.

Android 17 is making a comeback in "Dragon Ball Super" after he first appeared in "Dragon Ball Z" during the Cell Saga. He was not able to meet Goku then because he has been absorbed by Cell at the time. Surely, the cyborg will showcase how much power he has gained in an exciting duel with Goku.

On the other hand, Goten and Trunks are reportedly skipping the "Dragon Ball Super" universal saga. Goku has explained the reason back in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83. He acknowledged that the two half-Saiyans are powerful but he doubted their capacity to duel in a tournament. He added that they are both straightforward and lacking in experience.

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