‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3 Premier Hints Adult Swim’s Plan For ‘Pokemon’-Inspired Video Game [VIDEO]

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"Rick And Morty" Season 3 made an unexpected premier of its very first episode. Cartoon Network and Adult Swim has taken advantage of people's animosity towards April Fool's Day and made its highly-awaited launching. Justine Roiland and his team dropped a follow-up teaser hinting that a "Pokemon" Classic-inspired "Rick And Morty" game might be in the loop.

The idea about the new "Rick And Morty" game came about when Adult Swim dropped a "Pokemon" parody just in time for the season 3 launch. In addition, Roiland is known to have a liking for video games which is evident with his participation in Accounting's "Rick And Morty" VR. However, the news has not been confirmed by the parties involved.

Meanwhile, "Rick And Morty" Season 3 first episode entitled "The Rickshank Rickdemption" aired thru Adult Swim website which sadly only accessible via streaming in other countries. The second episode schedule has not been announced yet. But in reference to the tweets made by the official Rick and Morty Twitter handle it will probably be out this summer.

The "Rick And Morty" Season 3 also resurrected the defunct Szechuan sauce by McDonald's. Fans are reportedly buzzing various McDonald's outlets to get the said condiment which appeared in the series latest stint. The sauce came out as a limited edition partner for nuggets as part of the 1998 promotional ad of "Mulan" the movie, Vox reported.

For those who have been tricked by Adult Swim and missed the "Rick And Morty" Season 3, this article does not include plot spoilers but Cartoon Network will be airing the episode every night this week at 10 pm. In addition, a full review by Zach Handlen explaining the events that happened during the first episode is posted at AVClub.

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