Xbox One Scorpio Actually Doesn’t Have Everything; Must Release 'Destiny'-Killer Game App [VIDEO]

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Xbox One Scorpio seems to be grasping for some air these past days after several gaming insiders criticized the lack of new game offers to suit the powerful console. Take note, Scorpio has awed majority of gamers and earned evident devotion ahead of its Holiday 2017 release date. However, the attention has been reversed since no new game or even fancy update is slated for its release.

According to Polygon, Xbox One Scorpio would be interesting if it will consider releasing a brand new racing game. However, the console's latest test featured the current version of "Forza." Although the results are highly commendable, the use of an old game sample implies that no new or update racing game is coming.

Unlike Xbox One Scorpio, its archrival Sony enjoys a massive lineup of updated titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nioh, Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2 and Nier Automata. PlayStation console has also the exclusive content of the highly anticipated "Destiny 2." On the other hand, Nintendo is aware of the power of game title as it entered the competition with Switch.

With Nintendo's plan to exclusively cater content to Nintendo hardware and Sony's inevitable success with "Destiny 2," Xbox One Scorpio needs to fight back. It can only step up on the competition with exclusive software that will match its competitive adversaries. Thus, it is about time to invest in making apps that will rival "Destin 2" et al.

Xbox One Scorpio would be able to take advantage of its powerful features with a "Destiny 2"-killer app. Imagine how an exclusive counterpart will fit in 4K HD true gaming powered by 6 teraflop GPU. Surely, this modern and innovative shooter sample with a flare of lore storytelling that compels a grand adventure will hit the gaming landscape big time, Forbes noted.

Should Xbox creators take these into consideration, Xbox One Scorpio will enjoy a different fate.


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