‘Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City’ Final Boss Details, Best Features Revealed [VIDEO]

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The final boss of "Dark Souls 3," Slave Knight Gael, is a unique type of enemy that players have to face in the end of the DLC expansion, "The Ringed City." Due to how epic and enjoyable his boss battle is, here are the details of his details and best features as a final boss of the game series.

"Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City's" Final Boss Background Revealed

In "Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City" DLC expansion, it introduced its final boss, Slave Knight Gael. Some fans already consider him as the best final boss in the game series due to his form, which is not gigantic. He has experienced the endless trials and agony beneath the corrupt rule of the Lothric Royalty, and currently seeks the Dark Soul pigment for his own goals, PC Gamer reported.

Gael is looking for the pigment so that his niece can paint a new world for mankind, which will be free from the cycle of fire. It turns out that he is one of the poor souls in "Dark Souls 3" that have gone mad, and he kills everyone in his path due to his obsession of the pigment. Players will have to kill him to proceed into the ending of the DLC.

"Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City" Slave Knight Gael Boss Fight Details

Unlike most boss fights in "Dark Souls 3," which are usually gigantic monsters, Slave Knight Gael has a human size when players fight against him. They can lock on him during combat since it is less frustrating to fight against with. There will be no surprises from this boss fight too, only him and his deadly techniques.

Gael is challenging due to his different types of attacks as players chip away his life. His attack patterns usually include big swings with a scarlet flame effect from his cloak, a repeating crossbow, and the Way of the White Corona spell attack. The only problem is that he gets faster and faster until it turns into a stalemate, waiting for someone to start the attack.

In the third phase of the boss fight, Gael will unleash an area of effect lightning spell, and explosive spectral skull attacks. When a black spot on the ground appears, players will have to evade that immediately due to an incoming lightning spell attack.

Reward For Killing "Dark Souls 3's" Slave Knight Gael

After defeating the most challenging final boss of "Dark Souls 3," Slave Knight Gael, players will notice that they will not get a noticeable announcement or a credits scene afterwards. They will only get a notice that they have received the Soul of Slave Knight Gael, and the Blood of the Dark Soul, VG247 reported.

"Dark Souls 3" Fan Defeats Slave Knight Gael By Using A Torch

A fan has recently revealed a video, which can be viewed below, on how he defeated "Dark Souls 3's" Slave Knight Gael by burning him to death. He used a torch for the deed, and it took him 20 whole minutes to defeat him, he posted on the official website of Reddit.

Check out the "Dark Souls 3" Slave Knight Gael Boss Fight Torch Only video below:

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