Xbox Project Scorpio Mysterious Specs To Be Finally Revealed This Week: Microsoft [VIDEO]

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Xbox Project Scorpio specifications will finally be revealed after Microsoft announced recently that Digital Foundry will be taking an exclusive look at the controversial high-end console this week. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the big news on how powerful the console will be and maybe a glimpse of its mysterious design.

Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal This Week

Eurogamer recently tweeted that their Digital Foundry, together with Microsoft, will unveil the Xbox Project Scorpio specifications within this week. The testing team will be running an exclusive Xbox Project Scorpio test and reveal on April 6 at 9 AM ET. Microsoft invited the team to its campus recently to observe the internals of the Project and revealed: "Forza Motorsport 7's" gameplay at 4k resolution, reported The Verge.

The final naming of Xbox Project Scorpio will be highly unlikely this coming unveiling, or even its physical design. The game company, on the other hand, is ready to unveil its specifications ahead of E3's press event.

Digital Foundry's Reputation In Reviewing Hardware

The Digital Foundry is another part of Eurogamer, and it is where some writers review new PC hardware and compare them with the others. They stress test every gadget they come across and give their own impressions of it to the public. They offer a lot of information for their audiences so that they can judge on their own if it is worthy of their time, Forbes reported.

Xbox Project Scorpio Known Specs By Microsoft

In previous events, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Project Scorpio will be running at six teraflops, which is a bit ahead of its competitor, the PlayStation 4 Pro. They also plan to replace its 8GB of DDR3 RAM with 12GB of GDDR5 memory on Project Scorpio, which will definitely give them an advantage against other consoles. With the upcoming reveal, they will provide their audiences with information if they are going to use AMD's latest Ryzen processors and the exact power of their system.

Xbox Fans React To Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal Announcement

After Eurogamer tweeted the announcement of the Xbox Project Scorpio reveals, several fans reacted right away on what will happen on the unveiling event. One fan said that this would be a bold move for Microsoft that they are letting Digital Foundry have the first look since they are very critical about specifications on gadgets. Another fan thought that it was a brilliant move for Microsoft because if they manage to impress them, it means that it will become a hot purchase in the future, posted a Reddit member on its official website.

Check out the Xbox Project Scorpio video below:

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