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How President Donald Trump’s Policies Affect The US Academia


In the aftermath of the administration's executive order which temporarily banned immigration from a number of Muslim countries, colleges and universities are contending with its effects on their students and their schools. Because of this, Brown University President Christina Paxson feels the need to speak up about the need to have more international students.

Paxson told CNBC that foreign students are vital to the American academia. These were here comments as she responded to Trump's order on the restriction of students' immigration from the seven Muslim-majority countries. She said that they Brown University still has several students who are still not able to get back to school to continue their education.

Paxson said that the president's orders are somehow sending a message to the world that foreign students are not welcome in the US anymore. In fact, many surveys have reported the decline in the enrollment of international students in the country. And while the share of global market for international students has been shrinking in the past couple of years, this trend might just get worse, according to Academic Impressions.

The surveys have shown that even before the travel ban, students have already expressed their concerns during the election season as immigration became one of the key issues.

Aside from the immigration ban, it was announced earlier this month that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will suspend the expedition of H-1B visa processing from April 3 onwards, and according to Paxson, it will only make it harder for graduating international students to find jobs.

The H1-B visa is what's allowing highly skilled foreign graduates or citizens to work temporarily in the country. But Trump said that there will be a revamp or overhaul on the process which will probably reduce visa quotas and implement strict restrictions on international students.

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