The Pros and Cons Of Taking Double Majors in College

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The idea of having a double major is very appealing to college students, considering that two degrees mean deeper knowledge compared to focusing on just one degree. The competitive job market can also be a reason why many students consider taking double major in college, believing that it could help them land better jobs and get higher income. But is it really worth it?

According to PBS Newshour, the number of workers with double majors is decreasing and it has declined significantly over the past six years. There could be many reasons behind this, including the cost and the time that it takes for a student to finish college. This leads students to question if taking double major will really lead to higher paying job, and if the time spent for a second major is worth the time which could have been spent in other activities like internships.

According to Quartz, a 2011 paper has found that taking a double major enables a graduate to earn a salary which is 3.2 percent higher than someone with only a single degree. Another recent study conducted in 2016 also showed that liberal arts students who have taken a second degree in STEM fields or in business also earned higher than single degree graduates.

Getting two degrees really sounds like a great idea, but aside from the possibility of better jobs and higher earnings, taking double majors will also require the student to take extra-heavy course load and that is one of the realities they have to face. If the first course is notoriously difficult, it is also important for the student to consider if they still have the time to enjoy other aspects of college, and if they are willing to sacrifice other things, while making sure that they do not regret anything.

There is really no right or wrong decision when it comes to taking a double major in college. The question of whether it is worth it to pursue two majors in college will depend on one's goals and priorities.

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