Top Reasons Why American Universities Need Immigrants [Video]


American universities might be losing immigrant students with the ban on immigrants implemented by the Trump administration. Although the latest travel ban had removed Iraq from the list, still, students from foreign countries had become hesitant in going to the United States to study.

American universities are said to be profoundly affected by the ban. Here are the top reasons why American Universities need immigrants.

American Universities need immigrants to keep its international preeminence

In the past years, American education has been considered as the best in the world. Its universities had been leaders in research. However, it has to be noted that recognized scientists and researchers in these universities came from foreign countries. Nobel Prize winners in neuroscience, chemistry and history were all immigrants, according to The Atlantic. Nobel prize winner for neuroscience Eric Kandel came from Austria. Historian Peter Gay was from Germany while Fritz Stern was from Poland. Chemist Carl Djerassi was also Austrian.

This shows how immigrants had contributed to the universities in America. They were accepted in these universities where they were absorbed as members of the faculty and staff.

American universities need immigrants as a source of intellectual energy and diversity

 Majority of immigrant students enroll in science, engineering, technology and mathematics or STEM programs. In 2009, 48 percent of those enrolled in science and engineering in US colleges and universities were temporary residents, which means that they were from other countries. They came to the United States to study. Majority of students with foreign visas earned doctorate and master's degrees. They most number of them specialized in science and engineering, according to Science and Engineering Indicators 2012.

American universities need immigrants to enhance school financial resources

Reduction of state funds resulted in financial problems for universities. They need to raise revenues. Foreign students usually pay their tuition fees in full.

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