UCLA Anderson School of Management Opens Newest Academic Degree Program [Video]


UCLA Anderson School of Management unveiled its newest academic degree program "Master of Science in Business Analytics". This course was designed to meet the demand for experts in handling huge data projects.

Based on a recent survey, huge companies had been flooded with data they can hardly manage. They need specialists who can organize, analyze and interpret data to be used for the company. This resulted to the growing need for data managers and analysts. In fact, graduates of the academic degree program would not have any problems in getting good jobs, according to Business Wire.

The course will develop students' skills in mathematics, data management, data analysis, statistics, programming, customer analytics, competitive analytics and operations analytics.

UCLA Anderson School of Management has been known for its innovativeness. Its courses are designed to meet current demands. Its newest academic degree program will help students develop specific skills relevant to emerging industries and technologies.

In today's job market, master's degree that includes business and data analytics will give an applicant a big edge. Huge companies rely on data gathered for developing strategies, designing products and promoting them and maintaining their competitiveness in the world market. Accurate analysis could predict business trends which are useful to companies, according to Leeds School of Business.

UCLA Anderson School of management is just one of the many schools that offer this program. Students enrolling in this school for their Master of Science in Business Analytics will enjoy several benefits. Classes are handles by professors who are all experts in this field. Classes are small with three students for one teacher.

Graduates of this academic degree program are expected to help in solving business problems. UCLA Anderson School of Management is close to huge business centers where students could gain experience through apprenticeship. UCLA as well has a huge network of alumni that can help graduates of the program great career opportunities.

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