Career 101: 5 Strategies To Not Be Affected By Toxic Managers


While no one wants to work for a toxic boss, there's just no escaping them sometimes. What employees can do is to grit their teeth and do their best regardless of the people surrounding them.

Perseverance is a good skill to learn in dealing with challenging people to work with. Toxic managers may get to usually call the shots but they only get their power from employees who allow themselves to be affected by taunting and bullying in the workplace.

Bernie Klinder, an entrepreneur, investor and consultant, shared, via Inc., five strategies that employees can do to not be bothered by workplace bullying from toxic managers. She interviewed colleagues who do not seem affected by the taunting done by their boss.

Save for rainy days

The employees who weren't bothered by the bullying of their manager, Klinder found, were those who prioritized saving their salaries. They had financial stability so they knew that, if ever they found themselves without a job, they would be fine.

Increase one's marketplace value

These workers also know about their place in the industry. They know the importance of networking and maintaining connections with people in other companies.

Continue to learn new things

They have developed their skills and continue to learn new things. Fresh graduates ought to know how vital continuous learning is as a professional. They grab each training opportunity thrown their way and focused on building their skillset.

Have a plan

Usually, in work environments with toxic managers, the good ones who have other career options tend to leave when enough is enough. In turn, the only employees that remain are those who can't leave because they know they will have difficulty in finding another job. Professionals should work hard, learn more skills and build their resumes.

Know employment law

Be knowledgeable about employment law and know when the toxic manager is crossing the line. Don't argue with them, though. It's better to take note of their bad behavior and threats and notify the right departments for complaints.

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