Career 101: 7 Items To Double-Check Before Sending A Cover Letter


Aside from the resume, one of the most common documents included in an application is the cover letter. Traditionally, it is printed and sent along with a candidate's CV but nowadays it is usually sent through email.

Still, it is important to have a cover letter that has no grammatical or syntactical errors. USA Today College shared seven things in their cover letters that applicants should check before sending it to prospective employers.

Check the hiring manager's name

Applicants should make sure that they got the hiring manager's name right on the cover letter. This would show that they did their research and make their application more personalized; not just a template sent to every employer.

Check the company's name

Another important name to double-check is the company's full name. This is especially important if candidates are applying to multiple companies and may get their names mixed up.

Check the contact information

A cover letter should also include a candidate's correct contact information. Yes, this data should also be placed in an applicant's resume but it wouldn't hurt if they include it in the cover letter so that the hiring manager can reach them easier.

Check the dates

It is not advisable to use cover letter templates for several prospective employers. However, if it can't be helped, candidates should make sure to make sure that the dates of your work experiences are accurate.

Check the length

There are some companies that include a character limit on applications. Opt to be on the safe side and check the word count of the cover letter to ensure the right length.

Check the formatting

Different computers have different programs and fonts installed on them. Again, stay safe by saving cover letters as a PDF to lock it in place and to allow recruiters to open it easier.

Check the spelling and grammar

No matter how tiring it may seem, proofreading is a must for applicants. Ask family and friends to get a fresh perspective to check the prepared cover letter.

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