College Student's Meal On a Budget Can Be Nutritious And Healthy [VIDEO]


Stephanie Wiese, a nutrition student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, said eating healthy isn't always the easiest alternative especially with a busy life and a tight budget. But with planning and practice it can be made easy.

Wiese shared her top three healthy meal options or what she called grab and go foods that can be prepared ahead of time and reheated. She added that it's all about conserving time while we are on the go.

For breakfast, take a lot of protein, such as eggs or beans are advisable as it lasts longer throughout the day. Eggs are easy to make either in the microwave or in a pan. Bake eggs in the muffin tin, add veggies, meat, cheese and some shredded potatoes freeze them and warm them up in the morning.

Another idea for breakfast is whole wheat cherry muffin, wheat germ, and Greek yogurt to increase protein. It can be eaten for breakfast, snack, or anytime. If limited with time in the morning, a smoothie with milk, banana, cocoa powder and a splash of coffee can help start the day.

For lunch, carbs are helpful to help get one moving and thinking and it can help with midday hunger too. It can be a tortilla wrap or a burrito that can be easy to pack or a salad with a cold protein with a little carb for a healthy meal.

For dinner, with homework, papers and lots more of studying to do avoid over eating. When under stress, people tend to eat more. Eat as many fruits and raw veggies, or a combination of protein and veggies.

For snacks, fast food ideas that are easy to pack and take to campus are cinnamon apples, string cheese with crackers, carrots, fruits and raw veggies make a healthy meal.

According to 9 News, about one in four college students face some type of food insecurity. Food insecurity is when you don't know when and if there is going to be a next meal. Students with food insecurity often also suffer from housing insecurity which can harm students' educational efforts.

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