‘Sonic Forces’: Sega Brings Back The Beloved Hedgehog With New Game Teaser Footage


First gameplay footage of "Sonic Forces" was revealed by SEGA just recently. It is SEGA's new game formerly known by monikers Project Sonic and Sonic 2017.

"Sonic Forces" was revealed at SXSW and slated for release during the holiday season. Based on the released footage, it is by far the best looking Sonic game that could potentially reinvigorate the beloved franchise that has gotten out of fashion.

The game brings a sense of familiarity to most 3D Sonic games, notably Sonic Colors that was released for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS back in 2010. "Sonic Forces" will include two flavors of Sonic. The first is more akin to his cartoon 2D persona while the second one is based on his more modern 3D character, according to Press-Start.

According to Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka, "Sonic Forces" is an evolution of "Sonic Colors" and "Sonic Generations." Accordingly, the game will come with new concepts and three unique gameplay styles, modern and classic among them and with a third that has yet to be revealed.

Siliconera reported that "Sonic Forces" utilizes a new game engine called "Hedgehog Engine 2." The new engine is an evolution of the old engine remade into something new. In Sega's new Sonic offering, it will utilize many visual styles and elements of past "Sonic" games, which feature global illumination, physical rendering as well as the introduction of new enhancements and mechanics, including better water and item reflections.

As expected from any Sonic game, "Sonic Forces" will still feature high-speed gameplay that has become a staple of "Sonic the Hedgehog." Additionally, aside from the return of Red Star Rings, there will also be a lot of platforming and branching paths and exploration.

"Sonic Forces" joins "Sonic the Hedgehog" and his friends to battle it out with Dr. Eggman and his evil Army beginning this holiday season on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out the first game footage below.

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