iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Apple Flagship To Sport A Different Kind Of Curve From Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


By now most are aware that the iPhone 8 will be curved. The catch is that it is not the same curved design that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had. The curve is termed as only “slight”, meaning there will be differences and may not be as “curved” as most people think.

iPhone 8 display not to curved as people think

One thing that was mentioned by Nikkei is due to overall design. Obviously, the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge were built and designed differently, hence the difference in the potentially curved display. Aside from that, people eager to get the redesigned iPhone 8 should be prepared for some shortfalls.

The curved OLED for the iPhone 8 will be different, hence offer different features. The belief is that it may be less than what Samsung included with the Galaxy S7 Edge. At first, it may all sound like a disappointing development, leaving most to ponder on the display resolution instead.

Why a different curve will be good for the iPhone 8

For some, the expectations have been dampened. But the reality of it all is that it may end up being swell. One is that it erases the notion that Apple is copying patented innovations introduced by its rival Samsung. The other is that a different kind of curve adapts to the provisions of the iPhone 8. This means nothing will be compromised, Forbes reported.

As most know, the worst thing any company can do is squeeze in something that will not work. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a good example though it was tied up to the exploding battery. For the iPhone 8, it may be all about squeezing in the right curved screen. It may not be noticed at first but eventually will together with other new features for the much awaited Apple flagship.

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