iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Revamped Apple Flagship Design Seen Sticking To Traditional Flat Screen


The iPhone 8 is expected to come out with something special, particularly in the screen display area. Most expect a jump to OLED technology and others are even pushing it more by suggesting a curved display. If the take of analysts is to be considered, seeing an OLED screen display for the iPhone 8 may be the most to expect.

Apple will stick to flat OLED displays

IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam believes that Apple will come out with a redesigned iPhone 8 but the screen display will sport the same flat screen instead but with OLED technology, Mac Rumors reported. Hence, the anticipation that there will be a curved edge-to-edge due to slimmer bezels and no Home button may not happen, at least for now.

For people longing for an iPhone redesign, this should be a minor setback. Considering it will Apple’s first key step towards the new OLED technology, that hopes for curved display screen may indeed happen later on.

Rather than an edge-to-edge design, it may be best to take note of display resolution instead. Lam believes that the iPhone 8 could sport something similar to the LG G6 – that of which is a longer aspect ratio to maximize the coverage of the larger display area, BGR reported.

More reasonable pricing for iPhone 8

The good news is that worries about the suggested retail price of the iPhone 8 could be whittled down a bit. Using a flat OLED display will cost considerably less according to Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate. Aside from the slash in production cost, he adds that these OLED screen displays are available in higher production volumes.

Hence, folks eager to get hold of the iPhone 8 have one less issue to worry about. With ample OLED display screen parts available, it does away with worries such as delays on release and stock availability. With the mass production date reportedly commencing in September, the iPhone 8 could launch either in October or November.

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