Microsoft Cortana Latest News & Update: Revamped App To Give Apple Device Owners AI Alternative


For Apple owners, getting help is just a voice away thanks to Siri. The performance may vary for most and the good news is that Microsoft may have just given them an alternative to the updated Microsoft Cortana app.

The new Microsoft Cortana app for iPhones was released a couple of days ago with new features that should make it easier to use. That includes a new interface and menus as well as better responsiveness for users, Slash Gear reported. The app goes to work once activated, listening to possible commands and/or questions users would speak out.

Microsft Cortana app sports new interface and menus

The menu of the updated Microsoft Cortana app will also display information such as news, weather, and package status while the call, text, and reminders have been redesigned. Like Siri, using the Microsoft Cortana app is not restricted to diction. For those who prefer to go old school, all they have to do is access it from the bottom-left of the device screen where a number of quick action options will become available. The app is now available from iTunes for folks who want to try it out.

Will Siri users shift?

It will be interesting if the Microsoft Cortana app can gain more users over the default Siri application on the iPhone. There are also restrictions to worry about. Unlike Siri, Cortana will likely be restricted and is not associated with native iOS services. The only consolation is that it does come in handy when Windows 10-based programs are run, Apple Insider reported.

The recent update to the Microsoft Cortana app is actually the second since it was released in December 2016. Cortana is second to Siri when it comes to language support. The former offers 8 languages in 12 countries, a far cry from Siri’s 21 in 36. It may be a minor jab to get some iPhone owners to use it though the task may get harder once Apple applies updates in preparation for the coming of their new batch of iPhones later this year.

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