iOS Jailbreak Latest News & Update: Apple Ramps Up Security Protocol With iPhone Security Expert Hiring


Apple continues to raise the stakes as it tries to maximize ways to improve the security of its devices. The security area, particularly for the iOS 10, has taken its share of hits. But looking down the timeline of Apple, it is one reason why hackers like Pangu and Lucas Todesco have been able to breach the mobile operating system.

More bad news for Apple jailbreaking community

While iOS jailbreakers have not been so lucky as of late, things just went from bad to worse. There is a new posse over at the Cupertino company’s side, Jonathan Zdziarski. For those unfamiliar with him, he is one of the popular iPhone security experts who has thrown criticism at Apple for some time now, reported. That included the time when Apple was questioned for shipping an iOS version without an encrypted kernel.

Ideally, Apple has been known to turn things around for hackers or people who have been able to come up with an iOS jailbreak. They even put up a bounty as a challenge. But in the case of Zdziarski, the case is a bit different. He now finds himself working with the Apple Security Engineering and Architecture team to try and improve the flaws the iPhone and the iPad have been prone to. Zdziarski’s reasons for signing up was explained in detail via his personal blog.

The end of iOS jailbreaks loom

His entry into the Apple fold further dampens the possibility of seeing an iOS 10 jailbreak come to fruition. iOS 10.3 has already been pegged to be hard to crack, already a piece of bad news for the folks waiting for an iOS jailbreak crack.

The last iOS jailbreak was for iOS 9.3.3, something that came ages ago. There have been alternatives but as far as a fully working crack, Apple has successfully thwarted all attempts. With Zdziarski on board, it may as well signal the demise of the iOS jailbreak that will leave the Apple jailbreaking community forlorn.

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