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Mar 17, 2017 10:17 AM EDT

CEOs Talk About Their Insecurities


When people look at highly successful CEOs, they can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Why not when these people have everything going in their lives. However, some of the most successful CEOs and highly talented people are the same as the regular Joe on the street - insecure and afraid, but they were able to pull it through.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is already considered an icon in the fashion industry and the CEO of a fashion company bearing her name. The company has 45 stores in 70 countries.

Despite her success and wealth, she revealed in an interview on LinkedIn how she is as insecure as anybody. She said that there have been times she wakes up and feels like a total loser and envies how other women have got it all together.

She also revealed that she will never strive for success explaining that it is not about success but about inspiring people, which is the reason why she was able to weather even the toughest challenges she faced in business and in her personal life.

Howard Schultz

Schultz is the brain behind the growth of Starbucks. Yet even though he has a billion-dollar company under his name, Schultz recalled of a time how insecure he was because he came from a poor family. However, he said that the source of his insecurity became the very same source where he gained a sense of values and sensitivity to respect and encourage people who feel the same way he had felt when he was a poor kid. He used that to thank every unsung hero in his company every time he came by and visit the stores and the plant. Because of that leadership style, he rallied his people to do the best they can at all times.

Why Insecurity is Good

Dennis Yang, CEO of Udemy, said that being confident and dead certain at all times can actually backfire. On the other hand, insecurity can lead to innovation, especially if that CEO is open to the wisdom of others. More so, insecurity can also lead to the leader questioning himself and his decisions. Such feeling of discomfort allows propels the leader to be always looking for solutions and ceasing to stagnate which is good for the company.

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