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Top 5 Countries With Amazing Women's Rights


U.S. News has released its annual lists of best countries around the world in different categories. The selection underwent a long list of metrics and other factors. For the list of the best countries for women, the organization based some of the criteria on peace and prosperity and gender equality among other things. Here are the Top 5 best countries for women.


Sweden beat all of the countries when it comes to how women are treated fairly. According to the Swedish government, gender equality is one of the cornerstones of the Swedish society. It is evident in the policies and laws where both parents are given three months of parental leave. In the education system, almost two-thirds of the university degrees are given to women.

The country's Discrimination Act requires employers to promote equality between men and women while pursuing their specific business goals.


According to the website of Denmark's Department of Education, gender equality is necessary for economic growth as well as the full enjoyment of human rights. Such principles are seen in every fiber of Denmark's society where women are given equal rights in health care, education, employment, and other things.

According to expats who have lived in Denmark, it is common to see fathers taking care of their babies during their parental leave while women go to work and pursue their career.


Norway comes third on the list and like all other Nordic countries, their policies on gender equality are to be admired. Some of the steps to promote this include equal access to higher education and the labor market. Both men and women in Norway has equal levels of education. The government also provides care arrangements for children as both parents pursue their own careers.


The Netherlands' Emancipation Act ensures that both men and women have equal rights to salaries, employment, health care, and their private life.


Despite the protests occurring in Canada about gender inequality, the nation comes in fifth as one of the best countries for women. The country has a number of programs and initiatives that promote equality between men and women not only in terms of education and employment but also in health care, human rights, and other aspects.

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