Top 5 Grad Schools For Engineering In 2017


Engineering is one of the most in-demand fields these days. Before you fully launch yourself in the engineering industry, however, you need a grad school that will help you strengthen the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Here are the top 5 grad schools for engineering in the United States according to the U.S. News ranking:

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT's School of Engineering has 15 areas where you can specialize in, all of which are highly ranked. The school is also equipped with 20 research centers around the campus focusing on different topics, such as soldier nanotechnologies and ocean engineering. For those who are already in the engineering field but planning to shift, the school has a Career Re-Engineering Program, a part-time one-semester long term where students can take part in research projects, internship programs, or career workshops.

Some of the most notable alumni of MIT's School of Engineering are William David Coolidge, who made major contributions to the development of X-ray machines, and Nicholas A. Peppas, a pioneer in nanobiotechnology, drug delivery, and biomaterials.

#2 Stanford University

Stanford University is neighbors with Silicon Valley making its location a very strategic one for engineering students. Stanford's School of Engineering has a 265 full-time faculty and a 7:1:1 student-faculty ratio. Its grad school for engineering has 10 areas to specialize in which include Aeronautics Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. The school has 65 research centers and labs scattered around the campus.

Famous alumni are Frederick Terman and John L. Hennessy, who are considered as the father and godfather of Silicon Valley respectively.

#3 University of California - Berkeley

The University of California - Berkeley's School of Engineering has the lowest tuition fee among the top 5 grad schools for engineering which is $11,220 per year for full time and in-state while out-of-state full-time students have to pay $26,322 per year. Those who will take their master's degree in engineering at UC-Berkeley will take two years to finish it but an accelerated program is available which will take a year to finish. There are eight areas of specialization in engineering which include Applied Science and Technology.

Notable alumni include Margaret Schmidt, Chief Design Officer of TiVo, and T.Y. Lin, a pioneer researcher and practitioner of pre-stressed concrete.

#4 California Institute of Technology

CalTech's chemical engineering program is separate from its Engineering and Applied Science Department. There are specializations available for aeronautics, civil, and mechanical engineering among others. Like all other engineering schools, CalTech has a number of research centers scattered around the campus including the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering.

Some of its notable alumni are Frank Borman, commander of Gemini 7 and Apollo 8 space missions and Regina E. Dugan, the first female director of DARPA.

#5 Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon Institute of Technology's graduate programs has 10 interdisciplinary majors to choose from. Furthermore, engineering students have the option to pursue a research-based or course-based program. They also offer research programs in other parts of the world which students can take part in.

Notable alumni are David Parnas, a pioneer in software engineering and Mao Yisheng, a bridge expert and the first Ph.D graduate of Carnegie Tech.

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