Microsoft Vista Latest News & Update: Buggy Operating System Finally Canned After 10 Years Of Existence


With most focused on the updated operating systems, there are still some old ones being used to date. Among them include Microsoft Vista, an OS that had a very forgettable stint. Originally pegged to succeed Windows XP back in 2007, Vista hardly enticed most to shift towards it.

Microsoft Vista did receive its share of criticism. In fact, Net Market Share bared that only 0.78-percent of desktops actually ran on it. It initially made a good impression though most of it was driven by its visual improvements. But in terms of functionality, Microsoft Vista practically bombed.

It was plagued by bugs and was unreliable, leading most to stick to Windows XP and jump to the next version which was Windows 7. Proof of this is that companies like Dell and HP even bundled Windows XP copies with new computer purchases, Business Insider reported.

Microsoft will cut all support for Microsoft Vista on April 11, 2017. No more updates will be rolled out with the company likely focused on Windows 10. It should be interesting to see how many desktops kept the faith on the buggy Windows Vista. If there are any, it is time to embrace the fact that they are better off using the succeeding operating systems that are still supported by Microsoft.

Support for Windows Vista actually ceased back in 2012. The only updates it received were security patches and hot fixes via extended support, Extreme Tech reported. Computers that still run on it are being informed of the plans, enticed to consider moving up to Windows 10.

While upgrading to Windows 10 would be the logical solution, some may be wary of the performance of their workstations. Desktops are likely to vary in terms of specs, meaning most may have to settle for Windows 7 instead. For older PCs, Windows XP is an option though support for it has also been cut since April 8, 2014.

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