Windows 10 Creators Update Latest News: Microsoft Fixes Forced Restarts, Pop-Ups Now Serve A Purpose


For folks who are using Windows 10, experiencing issues that include forced restarts may have happened on more than one occasion. It gets worse when a person is in the middle of something like maybe composing a document or doing computations via worksheet. That has been a big issue for the operating system but it looks like Microsoft has finally addressed it with the Windows 10 Creators update.

The Windows 10 Creators update is expected to come out in the spring where the most notable fix is the forced restarts. While that should be good news, the annoying pop-ups will remain though they may serve a better purpose and can be handled better, CNet reported. The pop-ups will come out via a full screen and give users three options – “Restart Now”, “Pick a time” or “Snooze”. Until the user selects one, that pop-up will remain on screen.

The good news is that with the upcoming Windows 10 Creator update, folks won’t have to worry about their machine rebooting. There will be no more countdowns and the alert will remain on screen until an option is chosen. Of the three options, the “Snooze” option will allow users to delay it for three days. If no option is selected after a month, the waiting time will be whittled down to a day, BGR reported.

Compared to the current mode of updating the Windows operating system, the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update may be more acceptable. But then again, users have varying moods and most would prefer to lay off the updates and finish what they are doing. The updates offered are important considering they do carry fixes that tackle security.

Worth noting is that some users have learned from broken updates in the past from Microsoft. With the upcoming Windows 10 Creator update, most are hoping that it actually helps than bring in more problems.

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