PlayStation Now Latest News & Updates: PS4 Games To Be Added To Streaming Service

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Folks subscribed to PlayStation Now have been limited to getting PS3 games via the streaming service. But if the latest reports are true, even PS4 game titles will join the fray according to an official announcement by Sony.

Sony plans to expand its streaming services catalog that would include PS4 games. All this was announced last Monday by the company for the service which costs $20 a month or $45 for three months via the PlayStation blog. The advisory somehow fans the flames of a previous one where Sony would be limiting PlayStation Now support for platforms other than the PC and PS4, CNet reported.

Sony keeps it broad

The addition of PS4 game titles should be welcome news to PlayStation Now subscribers. The only problem right now is that Sony did not get into specifics. That includes the games that would be made available via the streaming service though exclusive games like “Horizon Zero Dawn”, “Uncharted 4” and “Bloodborne” may not be included.

PS4 test to be made

Before Sony officially adds those PS4 game titles, they are expected to launch private tests which may be open only to select subscribers. Emails could be sent out in the coming weeks, meaning only the chosen ones get to see if the available titles will be any good, Game Spot reported.

There is no telling how long these private tests will be done by Sony though it does provide PlayStation Now subscribers with options. The addition of the PS4 game titles is expected to be standard add-ons and not premium ones – meaning they could cost higher. Right now Sony is not talking though adding to the price may not sit well with the current subscribers. More updates should come out in the coming weeks, hopefully including the actual date when the PS4 titles will be officially available via the streaming service.

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