Blizzard Shares New Details About Overwatch Future Plans, But Will Likely To Show More With the Release Of Orisa


Overwatch will get some big news this week, as Blizzard finally reveals plans about the game's expansion. In a recent interview with gaming website IGN, Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu along with VFX supervisor Jeff Chamberlain talked and discussed more future story updates, including upcoming characters. The discussion was made this week.

According to The Express, fans of the Blizzard's first-person shooter game can expect lots of updates in the coming months, as Blizzard talks about the game's future, which said to focus more on the game's storyline. Jeff Chamberlain and lead writer Michael Chu have discussed with IGN about Blizzard's future plans for Overwatch. Chamberlain even went to hint about more short films. Chamberlain was backed by Michael Chu, who also explained to the media that Blizzard is trying its best to find new ways to tell stories in the first-person shooter game.

According to the lead writer Michael Chu, Blizzard has this 'strong desire' to push the Overwatch's story even further. The goal is to get deeper into the gaming world and to build a strong fan base. The news about Overwatch story update comes shortly after the release of a new Overwatch comic Binary. First introduced by Blizzard earlier this month, Binary is said to take place in rural Sweden shortly after the fall of Overwatch.

In the digital Overwatch comic, locals have seen a Bastion unit roaming the woods, looking for a great opportunity to strike their target. Overwatch locals believe that it's only a matter of time before the dangerous group would jump to destroy them.

As the locals started to plans and organize, a mysterious stranger has just arrived on the scene. Not much information is known about this stranger at this time. But according to report, the stranger carry something that Overwatch locals are looking for. The courage and experience to fight Bastion units along with the desire to bring them down. Overwatch fans will be getting more about Overwatch story updates with the release of new Overwatch hero Orisa.

In other Overwatch-related news, Blizzard has been reportedly working on how to improve the Mystery Heroes arcade mode. However, game director Jeff Kaplan said that this is not the game studio's highest priority issue at this time. The director recently posted a message on the Overwatch game forum, discussing the changes that being made. Kaplan is hoping that the fixes made will finally work and that updates will finally hit the Overwatch PTR.

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